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VAT Training for Your Business

Please note: our VAT training offering is available only to businesses, rather than individuals

VAT can be a complex and confusing area of accounting, which can make it difficult and time-consuming for businesses to figure out. However, ensuring your staff are well-equipped to properly handle VAT should be a significant priority, as a failure to do so can lead to inflated costs, accounting errors and the risk of regulatory penalties, which you can read more about here.

This is why The VAT People can offer bespoke VAT training for your business, helping companies to ensure that all members of their team have the necessary knowhow to calculate payments with ease. Even if you do not find VAT too confusing to understand, you may want certainty that everyone within your organisation is accounting for VAT in the correct manner - and we have the experience and expertise to help you do so.

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Watch our video below to find out more about how VAT training could help your business:

How we can help you

The VAT People provides bespoke in-house VAT training services, tailored to meet the needs of your business and the individuals within it. Undergoing training helps to ensure that potentially costly accounting errors are avoided, and also adds to the bundle of evidence of reasonable care that may prove vital if an error does occur.

Each training session will be held at your place of business or online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and will be designed specifically with your company in mind. We will make sure our VAT training is relevant to the audience we are addressing, as we understand how frustrating it can be to attend a course with generic training that takes a one-size-fits-all approach to the needs of different business; instead, we believe it is essential to offer training based on a business's specific requirements, ensuring your employees gain the understanding you require.

We can deliver training on a wide range of VAT issues, including:

  • International supply chains and VAT
  • Accounting for property transactions
  • Issues and opportunities that should be considered for your trade sector or business
  • VAT for charities and/or grant-funded organisations
  • Input/output VAT

Our VAT training services have proven immensely popular with both accountants and their clients. From the feedback we have received, the fact that the training is tailored to the individual client's business needs and problem areas, based on our practical experience as VAT advisors, is a key reason for this.

The VAT training packages we present are a cost-effective way to ensure that businesses account for VAT correctly, and also add to the bundle of evidence that your evidence takes reasonable care with its VAT affairs. We are happy to provide fee proposals for bespoke VAT training, and we also offer a 10% referral fee for your business if you refer another client for a VAT training course.

How we have helped others

Investing in VAT training from The VAT People has been shown to be a cost-effective measure that could deliver significant practical and financial benefits later down the line:

  • In one case we have dealt with, a client was able to avoid a £40,000 penalty after it provided evidence of reasonable care
  • In another instance, our VAT trainer identified an accounting error from questions asked by an attendee during a training session. As a result, the attendee’s business was able to recover more than £150,000 in overpaid VAT from HM Revenue & Customs.

Additionally, we can share positive testimonies and feedback from some of the clients who have experienced the value of our training services first-hand:

"The training provided was brilliant all very specific and relevant, so thank you – Beverley Lewis MCS Certified" 

 - Beverley Lewis, The MCS Service Company Limited

"The VAT training delivered by The VAT People provided a useful refresher for my team and goes towards our bundle of evidence of reasonable care.”
 - Charles Frost, Indirect Tax Manager, Transport for London

Our VAT issues can be quite complex and particular to us, mainly because we are partially exempt, but The VAT People was able to organise and deliver a highly tailored training course, which suited our needs exactly and paid for itself easily in terms of the VAT savings it generated.
 - Chris Thomas, Finance Director, The Institute of the Motor Industry

I found the course really beneficial and you delivered it in a very engaging way. I look forward to putting the learning into practice and have a list of items to look into. I would never have come away with this in the normal classroom setting of a standard course.
- Vicki Claridge, Customer Experience Finance Manager, Harley Davidson Europe


Who is the training aimed at?

Our training services are aimed at in-house accounts and finance teams, as well as accountants who carry out compliance work, such as completing VAT returns for clients. The courses we have delivered vary from presentations designed for entire teams to individual training on processing transactions.

Who will deliver the training?

Your training session will be administered by our VAT training manager Tamara Habberley or one of our seasoned VAT professionals, who pride themselves on their practical, commercial and technical VAT knowhow. All of our team are former HMRC professionals, meaning they are best placed to explain how VAT should work for your business and how HMRC will view a variety of real-life VAT issues.

Our team has more than 50 years of collective VAT experience, and understands how the law works from both a technical and commercial perspective. Our vast experience means we can deliver easily-understood sessions that include practical, real-world examples of what VAT means for your business and clients.

For more information about the team delivering the training, visit our team page.

Where is the training delivered?

Generally speaking, training sessions are carried out at your premises, but we are also able to deliver the training live online using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, thus ensuring the session is COVID-secure. Both options mean that no expenses are incurred by staff having to travel to an external venue, minimising the number of working hours lost, and also gives you the confidence to discuss details of real-life transactions without any concerns about privacy.

We charge the same set fee, irrespective of the number attending, so the course can be attended by as many members of staff as you wish. Having your entire team attend the session will stimulate their discussion on VAT matters, ensuring the session remains relevant for your clients and can count towards your continuing professional development (CPD) credits.

Training courses take around three hours, but we are happy to spend additional time answering any questions.

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