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If you are looking for independent help and advice regarding VAT, The VAT People can help. We are a team of highly-trained, specialist VAT consultants, utilising our skills and experience to ensure you are meeting your responsibilities and maximising your opportunities for saving.

We have helped hundreds of businesses in a variety of industries, and could help you to decipher the complicated arena of VAT. Our helpline is free to call, and you can speak to a member of the team for an initial discussion regarding any concerns, queries or questions you may have.

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Why choose The VAT People?

We are passionate about VAT, and ensure the businesses we work with make the most of their VAT systems and processes. This includes helping companies to understand VAT and ensuring they have processes in place to make the payment process straightforward. We also make sure those we work with take full advantage of every opportunity to save money.

We can provide advice on:

Many members of our highly qualified team have also worked for HMRC, meaning we know the ins and outs of VAT for businesses of all sizes.

Don’t put off getting your VAT in order. Call our free VAT helpline on 0161 477 6600.