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Meet Tamara Habberley

Tamara Habberley

Tamara originally trained as an artist and ran her own small manufacturing business before deciding to have a complete career change. She joined HMRC as a VAT inspector in 1991 covering such roles as large trader assurance, small businesses, computer systems audit and debt management before jumping ship and joining the “real” business world as a VAT advisor in 1998 passing her AIIT exams in 1999. This means she has over 25 years’ experience in VAT.

This wealth of experience allows her to see VAT issues from both sides of the fence which is useful when negotiating with HMRC as well as bringing an ability to find creative and workable solutions to VAT issues.

Career Highlight/Milestones

Tamara really enjoys working with clients to get a positive outcome for them, notable successes include recovering a large repayment of £87,000 VAT withheld by HMRC which meant that the business did not need to lay off staff due to cash flow issues this had caused to the business, transforming an assessment for £47,000 VAT due to HMRC into a repayment of over £170,000 VAT for another client and recovering £271,000 VAT on supplies a client had treated as VATable but HMRC (eventually) accepted were VAT exempt.

Milestones include developing, managing and delivering our VAT training offering and working alongside a number of charities and not for profit organisations to assist them with their complex VAT issues.

The Nitty Gritty...

Away from the office, Tamara likes to entertain and be entertained by her young son and ride and compete on her horse (ideally not at the same time!)