Reclaiming VAT from Overseas

Foreign VAT Reclaim Services

Many businesses operating at an international level often miss the opportunity to maximise VAT recovery on overseas expenditure. At The VAT People, we specialise in demystifying the complex set of regulations that apply to this process, particularly focusing on foreign VAT reclaim. Our expertise in international VAT recovery and overseas VAT refund services positions us ideally to offer comprehensive advice and support.

Our team of specialist consultants has helped many clients to ensure they can avoid sanctions from HMRC. Contact us today by calling 0330 8284 201, or fill in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you at a time that is convenient for you.

Expanded service description

The VAT People’s expert consultants have extensive experience in helping firms navigate the intricacies of foreign VAT recovery. Whether it's understanding how to reclaim VAT from EU countries, managing international VAT reclaim, or ensuring you receive your overseas VAT refund, we are well-placed to assist. Our services are designed to help you understand how you can reclaim VAT from Europe and other regions, simplifying the process of reclaiming foreign VAT.

Businesses often overlook the potential savings they can make by reclaiming VAT on international expenses. This oversight can be due to the complexity of the process or the perceived low value compared to the high volume of transactions made overseas. Our role is to streamline this process, to make it more accessible and less burdensome for your business.

Detailed service breakdown

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs in foreign VAT reclaim:

EU VAT refund: Navigating the VAT reclaim process in EU countries can be challenging, especially post-Brexit. We provide expert guidance on reclaiming VAT from EU countries, to ensure you understand the nuances and requirements of each member state.

Non-EU VAT refunds: Our services extend beyond the EU, meaning we can sometimes also assist you in recovering VAT from a variety of non-EU countries. Each country has its own set of rules and procedures, and our expertise in international VAT recovery is crucial in navigating these successfully.

International VAT refund: We handle the complexities of international VAT reclaim and ensure that your business maximises its potential for reclaiming foreign VAT. Whether it's for travel, trade fairs, or other business-related expenses, we guide you through the entire process.

In each of these areas, we focus on maximising your VAT recovery while minimising the impact on your internal resources. Our goal is to make the process of reclaiming VAT from EU countries and beyond as seamless and efficient as possible.

FAQs about foreign VAT reclaim

What types of expenses are eligible for foreign VAT reclaims?

Eligible expenses typically include business travel, accommodation, conference fees, and trade fair participation. The eligibility varies depending on each country's specific VAT rules.

In which countries can VAT be reclaimed?

VAT can be reclaimed in numerous countries across the EU and beyond. Each country has its own regulations and processes for VAT reclamation.

What are the documentation requirements for foreign VAT reclaim?

Documentation requirements generally include original invoices, receipts, proof of payment, and VAT forms specific to the country. It's crucial to maintain accurate and complete records for a successful reclaim.

What is the typical timeframe for processing a foreign VAT reclamation?

The processing time varies by country but typically ranges from a few months to a year. It's important to submit claims promptly to avoid delays.

How does the VAT reclaim process differ between EU and non-EU countries?

The process within the EU is generally more streamlined, with some standardisation across member states. In contrast, non-EU countries may have more varied and complex procedures.

Are there any specific VAT rules or regulations that apply to certain industries or business types?

Yes, certain industries like travel, entertainment, and logistics have unique VAT rules. It's important to understand these industry-specific regulations for effective VAT recovery.

How does Brexit impact foreign VAT reclaim for businesses in the UK and the EU?

Brexit has introduced changes in the VAT reclaim process for UK businesses, particularly in dealing with EU countries. It's essential to stay updated on these changes to ensure compliance and maximise VAT recovery.

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Understanding and managing foreign VAT reclaim is a complex but essential aspect of international business operations. At The VAT People, we are committed to providing expert guidance and support in this area. Our services are designed to simplify the process of reclaiming VAT from EU countries and beyond, ensuring that your business maximises its VAT recovery while remaining compliant with international regulations.

Whether you are looking to understand international VAT recovery, reclaim European VAT, or need assistance with overseas VAT refund, our team is here to help. 

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