HMRC Assessment Reviews

The team of VAT specialists at The VAT People can offer advice and support to businesses that have been impacted by a HMRC assessment. Whether you agree with the outcome, or simply want to know more about the process, we can help.

Our qualified advisers are best placed to discuss any penalties or surcharges your business is facing as a result of a HMRC assessment, and we can offer advice on whether the assessment is justified, and whether HMRC made their decision with all the facts presented.

To discuss your circumstances, contact The VAT People today by calling 0161 477 6600, or fill out an online enquiry form and we will get back to you at a more convenient time.

Disagreeing with a tax decision

If you have disagree with or have a query about a tax decision, The VAT People can help you to decipher the best course of action to take. You may be able to appeal against a VAT decision you do not agree with.

You will receive a letter from HMRC containing details of the decision, and whether you are able to appeal. In most cases, you will have to pay your own costs if you appeal a tax decision.

Appealing to HMRC

At The VAT People, we can offer support and advice at every stage of the appeal process.

If you disagree with HMRC’s response, you can do the following:

  • Ask HMRC to review their decision

  • Ask a tax tribunal to hear your appeal

  • Consider alternative dispute resolution

Then, HMRC may offer you a review, or you can request one. This is generally carried out by an officer who wasn’t involved in the original decision. In most cases, the review will take up to 45 days to complete, and you will be told the outcome.

How we can help

We are often called upon when a client is faced with an HMRC Assessment. Such an assessment of VAT can involve penalties or surcharges, but there are a number of ways in which we can help.

Firstly, we will need to consider whether the VAT assessment is justified, and whether it has been made with HMRC having access to all the facts.

In cases where all the facts are evident, we can often find that HMRC are not applying the correct interpretation, or not working within the prescribed time limits. We regularly present clients in challenging, incorrect or flawed assessments, including making appropriate representations to HMRC or, where necessary, making appeals to tribunals.

We can provide the specialist advice and assistance that you will need, and, if we feel that there are reasonable grounds to defend the assessment, we will rebut the assessment on your behalf.

We have been able to reduce or remove the assessment in many cases.To discuss your case with a VAT expert, contact The VAT People today by calling 0161 477 6600, or fill out an online enquiry form and we will get back to you at a more convenient time.

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