General VAT Queries

Businesses can find the matter of VAT extremely difficult to decipher, but failure to do so could result in costly penalties from HMRC. As one of the leading VAT consultancies in the UK, we can assist with any VAT issues you may come across.

No matter which aspect of VAT you are struggling with, we are happy to help. Contact us today by calling our helpline on 0161 477 6600, or fill out an online enquiry form to the side of this page and we will be in touch.

Types of VAT query

We have a great deal of experience in dealing with all aspects of VAT, and we can provide support and guidance in respect of all VAT issues including the following:

  • Hospices VAT refund schemes
  • HMRC assessment reviews
  • HMRC VAT investigations
  • Partial exemption
  • Transactional VAT advice
  • Land and property
  • Charity VAT
  • International Trade

Our VAT health check

Our VAT health check has proved invaluable for businesses confused about how much VAT they should be paying. We are highly experienced and could provide the peace of mind you require that the VAT system you have in place is fit for purpose.

By requesting our services, you can ensure that your handling of VAT is in line with current legislation, and is working effectively. We can help you to identify any opportunities for saving money, as well as highlight any risk of penalty you are facing.

Undergoing a VAT health check will also show HMRC that you are committed to considering VAT. This will assist to reduce any penalty in the event that HMRC identify an error at any point in the future.

How we can help

Many queries arise when businesses get involved with new activities, so it is essential to consider VAT at all times. Penalties can be incurred for mistakes, so it is vital that you treat VAT with the attention it deserves.

Support and guidance for your VAT issues is only a phone call away, and you can speak to us about these free of charge. Contact us by calling our helpline on 0161 477 6600, or fill out an enquiry form to the side of the page and we will contact you.

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Get the vital information you need quickly and easily by watching one of our guidance videos - topics include VAT assessments and penalties, VAT for charities, and maximising VAT recovery.

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