We are well aware that professional accountants and in house accounting staff at businesses, charities and other organisations need to maintain their professional development and ensure their VAT knowledge is up to date, but doing so can be difficult.  We have found that our accountant colleagues and their clients are often too time pressured to take time away from their desks to attend a training course at a venue that may be several hours away.  All too often when they take valuable time out to attend a course, the training is just a dry rehash of VAT legislation and case law that leaves the delegate little better off in terms of actual VAT knowledge.  We have a solution! We can deliver VAT training courses in your office, for the staff of your choice.  The aim of our training is not to deliver a dry ‘talk and chalk' session, but instead give you practical advice, tips, and guidance on VAT, delivered in a straight forward and easy to understand manner.The training will be delivered by our VAT training manager Tamara Habberley, who has experience as both a VAT inspector for HMRC and as a VAT consultant for a number of years as well as delivering training for Kaplan and BPP.  This practical day-to-day experience of both client handling and client issues brings our courses away from the ‘those who can do and those who can't teach' syndrome that many other courses fall prey to.In addition our Duty Director David Miller can provide bespoke Duty training courses and our Housing Association and Charity specialist Rob McCann can deliver training using his in-depth knowledge of these fields.As well as bringing practical VAT advice, there are additional benefits:You can choose the course(s) best fitting your needs from a menu of different options;The course can be attended by as many delegates as you wish (although 25 is a practical limit per session);The venue is your office, so there is no additional travel time or costs for you to absorb; andYou can choose a course date that suits your firm to maximise the number of attendees and minimise disruption to your client work.  After all, how many accountants want to attend a training course when the personal tax deadline is looming?Each delegate will also receive a certificate of attendance and completion, as well as useful course material and case studies to complete after the course.  These are all based on real life issues we have been presented with by clients, and demonstrates how they were resolved.If your firm has a specific need, such as VAT land and property, VAT for charities, international transactions etc. we can provide bespoke courses tailored for you by arrangement.Who should attend the course? Our courses are suitable for anyone who has, or is likely to have, clients with VAT issues.  What does it cost? Fees for bespoke courses are by arrangement and start from £850 plus VAT for a half day training.Please contact our VAT Training facilitator Tamara Habberley by phone on 07764 250057 or by email at tamara.habberley@thevatpeople.co.uk to discuss your training needs and potential dates for training, or ask your usual contact at The VAT People to put you in contact.

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