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The friendly and knowledgeable team at The VAT People understands that calculating VAT for education providers can be incredibly complicated, but we are here to help you ensure you are paying the right amount and making the most of any benefits you are eligible for.

As experts in our field, we have a great deal of expertise in dealing with education providers, meaning we are best placed to ensure that your organisation is paying the right amount of VAT across all income streams - and ensuring you are taking full advantage of any exemptions or savings.

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Are education providers exempt?

Supplies made by education providers fall into one of the following categories:

  • A non-business supply of education

  • A business supply of VAT-able education

  • A business supply of VAT exempt education

For an educational institution to be regarded as a business, it must require payment for its education services. Establishments that provide free (or wholly government funded) education are not regarded as a business.

HMRC declares the following as non-business institutions that are exempt from VAT:

  • Independent fee paying schools, including non-maintained special schools

  • Universities

  • Institutions teaching English as a foreign language

HMRC declares the following as business institutions that are not exempt from VAT:

  • Community schools

  • Foundation schools

  • Voluntary aided schools, including former special agreement schools

  • Voluntary controlled schools

  • Community special schools

  • Foundation special schools

  • Grant maintained (integrated) schools (Northern Ireland)

  • Self-governing schools (Scotland)

  • City technology colleges

  • Free schools

  • Academies

There are also sixth forms, tertiary and further education colleges, which do not charge for students who are 19 years or under (18 years or under in Scotland) at the start of their course, but charge students and foreign nationals over that age.

How we can help

We offer specialist VAT advice for education providers to ensure your process is efficient, and up to date. Our services include:

  • A VAT health check to ensure compliancy with VAT legislation, and to ensure opportunities are properly maximised
  • The implementation of VAT recovery systems to take full advantage of VAT recovery on expenditure

To discuss your circumstances, contact The VAT People today by calling 0161 447 6600, or complete the contact form on this page.

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