Clothing Exports and VAT Refunds – saving of £250,000

The client

This client exports large amounts of clothing, particularly to EU countries, and was encountering continual problems due to HMRC stopping VAT refunds. The client was entitled to these refunds as the purchases were sourced within the UK,

Our advice

Our client asked us to help when the zero-rating of a £1.8m export to the Czech Republic was being delayed by Customs, and repayment claims were being held up. We were able to help the client demonstrate a strong audit trail, and they went on to reclaim over £250k of VAT that was under review.

Clients who export to EU countries are often unaware of the high level of audit trail that Customs require before allowing zero-rating of exports. Make sure that you are ahead of the game by having a clear understanding of the elements of the audit trail that will be required, and by gathering evidence and proof as you go along.

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