VAT Training for your Clients’ Businesses

As an accountant, it is essential for the longevity of your client relationships to ensure that the businesses you work with have a certain amount of in-house knowledge regarding VAT. It can certainly seem like a baffling topic for clients who are not exposed to it every day, but ensuring clients are aware of VAT compliance and the accompanying regulations on a day-to-day basis is essential.

This is where The VAT People can help both you and your clients. Our expert knowledge and tailored courses will guide your clients through the minefield that is VAT regulation.

Our Bespoke Service: Tailored to your Clients

Here at The VAT People, we will provide your clients’ businesses with a truly bespoke, in-house training service that is conceived to meet their unique  requirements.

This training can ensure that your clients avoid costly VAT accounting errors, and also reinforces any case against HMRC when they are seeking to penalise your clients. This means training investment is a cost-effective, long-term solution for both you and your clients. For example, a previous user of our VAT training service saved over £40,000 in penalties as the ability to demonstrate training was sufficient evidence of reasonable care.

Who is the Training Designed For?

Our training packages are aimed at your client’s in-house accounting and finance teams. Regardless of the size of business, our training is adjusted to suit the differing VAT requirements of your clients, and can range from the delivery of group presentations to one-on-one workshops with key decision makers in your client company's VAT system.

What Will the Course Cover?

We ensure each session is of absolute relevance to your client's company and the specific audience in attendance. We don’t want to offer unnecessary advice in areas of VAT that are generic and of no relevance to your clients.

For example, we can deliver training to your clients on a wide-range of context-specific issues, such as:

  • VAT and the international supply chain
  • VAT accounting for property transactions
  • Which specific VAT issues should be considered for your clients’ trade sector or business area
  • VAT for charities and grant-funded organisations

Who Will Deliver the Training for Your Clients?

Your clients are not interested in training given by dry academics who have no hands-on experience of working with VAT and related issues. Instead, your clients will receive training from one of our seasoned VAT professionals. Furthermore, all of The VAT People’s training team are ex-HMRC and so are best positioned to explain relevant issues from both sides of the coin.

With over 50 years of experience, our VAT training team is perfectly placed to train and educate your clients from both commercial and technical perspectives. Our sessions are both in-depth and easy to follow, and  will ensure your clients gain practical, real-world knowledge of what VAT means for them and their sector.

Where Can We Train Your Clients?

Training can be carried out at any location that best suits your clients needs, and this is generally at their premises. By doing this, we can negate the need for travel and expenses, which can often mean more individuals can be involved in our training, extending VAT knowledge further into your clients’ organisations and further reducing the risk of liability.

We charge a set fee to your clients for our training, so the number of staff attending the session can be as high as your client wishes. In fact, the more of your clients’ staff we train, the more stimulating the discussion will be!

Get in Touch

If you feel your clients would benefit from VAT training by The VAT People, give our friendly team a call today on 0800 077 4604 and ask to speak to our VAT training manager Tamara Habberley. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form.

Latest Testimonials

  • "Tamara was my first port of call when I needed a VAT expert. She is extremely knowledgeable, dependable, thorough and efficient. I would recommend her personally to any business needing this kind of assistance."

    Sarah Sillars OBE, CEO at Institute of Advanced Motorists, IAM - April
  • "The VAT People have been used by Cosmo Leisure for many years. We have found them to be very thorough and professional in all that they do.
    They have looked after some very complicated tax issues for us, always meeting deadlines at short notice and pursuing successful claims."

    Keith Lee, Cosmo Leisure Group - April
  • "Tamara has advised a number of our clients on VAT-related matters and her advice has always been timely and relevant. She is also willing to discuss matters on an informal basis and could not be more helpful. I recommend her and her firm whole-heartedly."

    Adam Hymes, Commercial Property Partner at Kuit Steinart Levy LLP - April
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