Given all the changes since the start of the pandemic are you up to date with your VAT Knowledge?

VAT is an ever-changing tax and it has not helped that the UK left the EU in the height of the pandemic. This has made it incredibly difficult for businesses and their advisors to keep abreast of all the changes. 

We can offer online or face to face VAT training for you or your clients that is specifically designed for your business so that you can understand the VAT challenges it faces, ensure that you account for VAT correctly and if there are any VAT opportunities or errors to correct you are able to do so with confidence.

All our training is delivered either online or in person at your premises and only includes you or your client’s team, so all areas discussed during the training are done so with the knowledge that it is all confidential.

We find that businesses really appreciate this as staff time isn’t lost travelling to courses, the training delivered is tailored to you and not generic to a sector and your team are not discussing your business in front of your rivals.

If you are interested in taking up the offer of VAT training with our firm please contact us to discuss your requirments and obtain a fee proposal.

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