We can assist you if you:


  • find VAT a real puzzle,
  • wonder if the majority of VAT publications are written in a strange foreign language,
  • are concerned about what Brexit means when your business accounts for VAT, or;
  • simply require a refresher to supplement your VAT knowledge and add to the bundle of evidence that your organisation carries out due diligence 

The VAT People can provide bespoke VAT training that is geared to your specific circumstances and addresses the VAT issues facing your business. This is not an off the shelf one size fits all classroom training event,  it is delivered at your premises and is tailored to meet your specific business needs. The training ranges from a half day to a full day on your site so your business does not lose valuable staff time traveling to a training centre.


Comments from attendees include:


“ I never thought VAT could be interesting until today”


“Thank you for clearing up a debate we have had about VAT on our construction services”


“I am so glad that we went ahead with the VAT training, now I feel I understand partial exemption property and know we can claim back more VAT on our costs than I thought was the case”  


Of course not every one wants a group training, we can also provide one to one training and VAT reviews that are intended to identify any missed VAT opportunities or exposures.


For your VAT training services please call 0161 477 6600.


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