VAT Training

VAT is an often contradictory tax and it is very easy to make mistakes when accounting for it.  This in turn can lead to your business, or your clients business, paying too much or too little VAT to HMRC.

Our firm offers a range of VAT training solutions to assist accountants and businesses to better understand VAT and how it works for  them, such as

  • Bespoke VAT training at your offices to cover specific topics that are relevant to you rather than a   generic course that might cover lots of issues none of which relate to your organisation. Hands on VAT training sessions with accounts teams explaining how to process and deal with specific  transactions
  • VAT reviews to identify any misunderstandings or missed opportunities with follow up meetings to ensure that the organisation understands how to account for VAT going forward.
  • Our training is delivered by our consultants who deal with real life VAT issues on a day to day basis and are all ex HMRC officers.  This ensures that the training is practical rather than simply being theory based. We can deliver this training to any organisation, large or small. For example, organisations we have delivered training for range from very large organisations such as Transport for London down to sole practitioner accountants.  

If you are interested in discussing your VAT training needs please call and ask to speak to our VAT training manager Tamara Habberley on 0161 968 9247 or email her at


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