VAT Training

Do you ever attend a training course and part way through realise that very little/none of the content addresses the areas where you wish to develop your knowledge?  Here at the VAT People we have a solution.


We provide onsite VAT training at your premises that is designed solely to address your own businesses or your client’s knowledge gaps.


The main benefit is that the training material is tailored to your business and therefore the content is directly relevant to your business. This method of training has proven very successful and in numerous cases the issues explored during the training have resulted in the business identifying VAT savings that more than cover the cost of the training session.


This is a cost effective method of training as you and your team don’t need to jaunt of to a far flung training centre to attend the course so it minimises the loss of your valuable staff time and can be attended by as many people as you like


The training is delivered by a trainer who is also a VAT consultant so all training comes from a practical hands on person used to dealing with VAT in the real world rather than just as an academic exercise.


If you or your team or a client require VAT training please contact our VAT training manager Tamara Habberley or one of our consultants on our VAT helpline to discuss your training needs.


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