VAT Training

Do you or your team find VAT an increasingly complex maze to navigate your way through? If so you are clearly not alone as here at The VAT People we have experienced an increase in requests for VAT training over the past few years. 

The majority of VAT practitioners will have spent many years developing a wide range of knowledge in order to address VAT issues. Most organisations do not require this level of in-depth VAT knowledge, instead they need employees who have been given specific VAT training to deal with their organisations own unique VAT accounting position rather than being given generic assistance.  Here at The VAT People we have a solution to this problem as we offer bespoke VAT training packages that are: 

1. Tailored to the specific activities of the organisation whose team is attending the training and;

2. Address the likely VAT and Duty issues and opportunities that should be considered by that organisation.

 We find this approach is really beneficial to our clients who can have confidence that they have invested in training that will benefit and add value to their business. All our courses lead to CDP points. In addition we generally carry out the training at our client’s premises. This allows attendees to discuss real life VAT issues that they may be dealing with at the time. It also ensures that the organisation does not lose too much of their valuable staff time as the attendees do not have to travel to attend the course.

 We have provided training for clients ranging from sole practitioner accountants with specialised client bases such as opticians and dentists, finance directors who are keen to meet the VAT obligations of their firms through to in house accounts teams at organisations the size of Transport for London. We pride ourselves on ensuring the training is designed and delivered to suit the needs of each individual client.  

 If you or one of your clients could benefit from VAT training, please call our Training Manager Tamara Habberley or any other member of our team on our VAT Helpline.

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