VAT – Keeping you and your client up to-date

Our VAT training services are proving very popular with both accountants and their clients. From the feedback that we have gathered the reason for this is that the training is tailored to the individual client’s needs and addresses any problem areas that they have experienced when accounting for VAT.


As our VAT training manager Tamara Habberley or other experienced members of our team come out to deliver the training on site at our clients they appreciate the fact that:


·        none of their valuable staff time is lost in traveling to training venues and

·        real life transactions can be discussed without the concern that the “world and their wife” attending a training event will become privy to the client’s business affairs.


The VAT training packages we present are therefore a cost effective way to ensure that businesses account for VAT correctly and also add to the bundle of evidence that the client takes reasonable care with their VAT returns.


We are happy to provide fee proposals for bespoke VAT training and also to share in our success and will offer a 10% referral fee for VAT training where the client has been referred for a VAT training course by your business.  Look out for more training offers coming up in the next few months including the long awaited on-line VAT training services.

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