The End of Tax returns and Start of VAT Issues

The end of tax return season generally sees an increase in VAT queries being referred to our firm by client’s and their accountants. So, how do you know if a tax payer has a VAT issue or not? Aside from the obvious points such as checking the client’s VAT accounts and VAT control ledgers all reconcile and sense checking VAT codes set on the accounting system, it pays to keep abreast of developments in the world of VAT by checking for any changes that may affect your clients each time our Network News is issued.

Last year was one with a number of changes impacting on businesses ranging from the practical but significant such as changes announced for prompt payment discounts, to the more esoteric such as establishing the difference between a snow ball that is a cake compared to one that is a biscuit. All these changes and more can be read in our Network News articles that are saved on the News page of our website.

If you have a client with a VAT issue that has been affected by changes in one of our articles, or one that simply has a VAT issue that you require assistance with please call our free VAT helpline for an initial discussion. 

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