The Approaching Deadline for EU VAT Refunds

If VAT has been incurred by a UK business in another EU member state, they are entitled to submit an electronic refund application via the UK portal with a view to reclaiming the VAT subject to normal rules.

The deadline for submitting claims of this kind is 9 months after the end of the year in which the VAT was incurred. Therefore, the deadline for the submission of an EU VAT Refund for input VAT incurred in 2014 is 30th September 2015.

As a firm we have significant experience in both the compilation and submission of EU VAT Refunds and would be happy to assist you or your client with claims of all allowable values (greater than EUR 400).

If you are unsure if you have a valid claim to recover input VAT incurred in another EU member state, our team of experienced consultants can advise on all aspects of this subject matter.


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