Ten good reasons to buy in VAT Training

Our VAT training service is proving to be highly popular with our clients. We thought it would be useful to ask them what they perceived to be the benefits of the training that they received.  The top ten answers are summarised below:

  1. Our organisation is in a sector that is complex for VAT purposes, VAT training has given us the comfort factor that we are getting it right and the knowledge to identify if errors are occurring.
  2. We felt totally dependent on third parties to determine how we treat transactions for VAT purposes, and it is good to be able to make informed independent decisions on VAT issues and understand the  reasons for those decisions.
  3. We are confident in our team’s VAT knowledge but commissioned a refresher in order to check that we are all aware of current VAT legislation.
  4. We were not that confident of our team’s VAT knowledge especially as certain members were new to the role, and VAT training has enhanced the team’s understanding.
  5. VAT training has identified areas where VAT has not correctly been accounted for in a non-confrontational manner.
  6. Evidence of VAT training goes towards our bundle of evidence to prove to HMRC that we take reasonable care with accounting for VAT. This led to significantly reduced when HMRC subsequently identified an error in VAT accounting.
  7. A bespoke VAT training course meant that we didn’t have to sit through a generic course that has little relevance to our business.
  8. The on-site training cut down on time spent out of the office time and allowed team members to discuss real life VAT issues they are dealing with to re-enforce the training.
  9. We were able to agree the specific content of the course with The VAT People, which ensured that the training was very relevant to our business.
  10. The cost of the VAT training course was far outweighed by the potential benefits to our business.  Indeed, the training identified under claimed input VAT of over £10K per year that has now been recovered by the business.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of a bespoke VAT training course please call and speak to our VAT training manager Tamara Habberley on 0161 477 6600 or email tamara.habberley@thevatpeople.co.uk , she will be happy to hear from you.

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