Refunds of EU VAT

Businesses that purchase goods or services from other EU countries for a business purpose may be able to recover the VAT elements of these costs via an EU VAT refund. A claim can be submitted for each Member State in which VAT has been incurred provided certain conditions are met.

Not available for refund is VAT incurred on acquisitions from other EU countries or any goods or services purchased for a non-business purpose. Each EU country has different rules on what costs are reclaimable and so these must be taken into account when lodging a claim.

The time limit for making a claim of this nature for costs incurred in 2015 is the 30th September 2016. Whilst the deadline is still some months away, collating and submitting the information early can avoid the inevitable delays that will arise the closer to the deadline the claim is submitted - the timescales for the issue of a requested refund can already take up to 8 months if further information about the claim is requested by the relevant tax authority.

To find out if your business is able to make a claim for VAT incurred in another EU country, or you require assistance in lodging the claim, contact one of our consultants on our free VAT helpline.

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