Gearing up for Brexit - VAT Training

As Brexit rapidly approaches many businesses and their advisors have become conscious that it would be sensible to ensure that they understand the potential impact of a hard Brexit on VAT accounting, and are UK VAT compliant in general.


Here at The VAT People we can provide bespoke VAT training covering any aspect of VAT for your business or your clients including covering the likely changes to VAT accounting post Brexit.  


Of course some of this will be crystal ball gazing to a degree as the information relating to import/export procedures post Brexit is fairly sketchy. What is certain though is that VAT is here to stay in the UK as a money earner for the UK government. 


If you or your clients require a bespoke VAT training course delivered at your premises – which means your business does not lose valuable staff time in traveling to a training centre - please contact our VAT training manager Tamara Habberley at or speak to one of our consultants for more details.

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