Customs & Brexit – AEO Consideration for Importers, Exporters or Logistics Companies

Whilst there has been much rhetoric spoken about Brexit since the vote back in June 2016, there is still little hard facts as to exactly what will happen both in the short term post 29th March 2019 and beyond any transitional period that will come in.

However, many businesses are contacting us regarding trading with the EU once it becomes a 3rd country for Customs purposes and in particular with regards to securing supply chains.

With this in mind, irrespective of any trade deal that may occur on tariffs, any businesses that trade internationally including the EU should consider the impact of Brexit on their supply chain and in particular whether obtaining AEO accreditation may be of benefit. AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status is an international kitemark that every international business should at least be aware of.

We have a series of factsheets available which cover what AEO is, who it applies to and the pros and cons of the scheme; how to obtain accreditation and our how we may assist business and our extensive experience in doing so.

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