Cost effective VAT training

Do you or your client require VAT training about a specific area of VAT such as land and property, partial exemption or any other areas of VAT? If so, we can offer a range of solutions from our bespoke half or full day VAT training courses to our new offering of Skype interactive one to one training.

The Skype training is particularly suited to individual topics such as the option to tax and how it works, partial exemption and how to make a calculation and other topics where training can be delivered during an hour to two hour session. These are areas where we find that clients and accountants who are confident in other VAT areas can really struggle and much of the material available from HMRC can be difficult to interpret or conflicts with other guidance.

Our Skype training session will allow the person the training is delivered to the opportunity to raise questions through the session and therefore check their understanding of the subject matter.

The fee typical for a Skype VAT training session and follow up course material would be £450 plus VAT. The fee may very dependent on the topic to be covered.

Please contact our VAT training manager Tamara Habberley to discuss our VAT training offering or speak to one of our consultants.


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