Changes in Intrastat Thresholds

Any business involved in the dispatch of goods to other EU member states or the receipt of goods from other member states with a value exceeding thresholds individual to each EU country must complete Intrastat declarations.

The thresholds that dictate whether Intrastat declarations are necessary are reviewed each calendar year and there have been several changes for 2016 which are due to take effect from January.  In relation to the Arrivals thresholds (i.e. the threshold for goods acquired in the UK from other EU member states), there have been both increases and decreases throughout the EU. The most significant increases are due to be in Ireland where an increase from €191,000 to €500,000 has come into effect and in Germany where the increase of its Intrastat arrivals threshold is from €500,000 to €800,000 per annum.

 Other changes have come into force in Finland, Latvia, Denmark, Croatia, Lithuania and The Netherlands (which has become to sole EU Member State to introduce annual Intrastat submission)

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