VAT Training

Do you or your team find VAT and Customs Duty an increasingly complex maze to navigate your way through? Are you baffled by VAT and international supply chains, bewildered by VAT accounting for a property transaction, or confused by the minefield that is VAT for charities and grant-funded organisations? Or, perhaps you simply find published information on any VAT topic indigestible. If so, here at The VAT People we have a solution to help you.

We provide on a daily basis practical VAT & Customs advice to organisations as diverse as multi-national businesses, property developers, charities, SMEs, owner-managed businesses, as well as accountants and other professionals. As part of our offerings, and in order to provide the best assistance we can, we provide bespoke in-house training on both VAT & Customs which is tailored to your organisation.

Our training is targeted at in-house accounts and finance teams, as well as accountants who undertake compliance work such as completing VAT returns for clients.

Our wide ranging experience means that we understand how VAT works from both the commercial and VAT technical perspective, and fully appreciate how vital it is to get it right.

This practical day-to-day experience of VAT means that our training is not merely a rehash of legislation and guidance delivered in a classroom format. Instead it is based on, and full of, practical real-world examples of what VAT means for you and/or your clients delivered in an easily-understood format. Our courses:

• Are tailored to the specific activities of your organisation


• Address the likely VAT and Duty issues and opportunities that should be considered by your company

We find this approach is really beneficial to our clients who can have confidence that they have invested in training that will benefit their business.

In addition, we generally carry out the training at your premises, so that the course can be attended by as many members of your staff as you wish. This means that there are no additional costs - no hidden fees and no expenses incurred by staff having to travel to an external venue. Having your staff together at the session will stimulate their discussion on VAT matters, and keep it relevant for your clients. And our courses all carry CPD credit; each half day covers three hours CPD.

A bespoke VAT or Duty training course lasts approximately three hours and we are always happy to spend additional time afterwards answering any questions. The fee for a bespoke training course delivered in-house is typically £750 plus VAT.

We also have two specific training packages for accountants, these are:

• VAT Basics – Essential information for staff completing VAT returns

• VAT – What accountants need to know

The fee for each of these courses is £750 plus VAT. Please contact us for further details.

We will be launching a series of online VAT training events for people who need specific training on an area, but simply don’t have the time to attend an in-depth, bespoke training course. Check back soon for further updates on the upcoming dates of our courses.

Why not contact us to get further details about our offerings, or to discuss your particular requirements? Call today on 0161 477 6600.