VAT Training

Do you find VAT a strange and perplexing tax to deal with? If so you are not alone it has been described by one high court judge as:

‘The world of VAT….. in this complex parallel universe, relatively uncomplicated solutions are a snare and a delusion’.

Even if you don’t find VAT really that baffling, you may want certainty that you or your organisation are accounting for VAT correctly. So how do you ensure that you can deal with transactions and VAT, with confidence? This is where we can help you.

Our Bespoke VAT Training Service

The VAT People provide in house bespoke VAT training services that we tailor to meet the needs of the individual business and the individuals that we are training. VAT Training helps ensure that costly VAT accounting errors are avoided and also adds to the bundle of evidence of reasonable care that is necessary to be able to prove if an error has occurred and HMRC are seeking to apply penalties.

This makes investing in training cost effective. In one case VAT training is known to have saved a client from a penalty of over £40K as it provided evidence of reasonable care, in another case our VAT trainer identified a VAT accounting error from questions asked by an attendee during a VAT training session that resulted in the attendee’s business recovering over £150K over paid VAT from HMRC.

Feedback from our satisfied customers

Don’t just take our word for the value of our VAT training services, look at what recipients of our training services say:

"The VAT training delivered by The VAT People provided a useful refresher for my team and goes towards our bundle of evidence of reasonable care"

Charles Frost Indirect Tax Manager Transport for London

“Our VAT issues can be quite complex and particular to us, mainly because we are partially exempt, but The VAT People were able to organise and deliver a highly tailored training course, which suited our needs exactly and paid for itself easily in terms of the VAT savings it generated”

Chris Thomas, Finance Director, The Institute of the Motor Industry”.

Who is the VAT training aimed at?

Our training services is aimed at in-house accounts and finance teams, as well as accountants who undertake compliance work, such as completing VAT returns for clients. The courses we have delivered vary from presentations to a group of key decision makers to sit down training with individuals processing transactions.

What will the course cover?

Each training session will be specifically designed for your company and we make sure our VAT training is relevant to the specific audience. After all, we don’t appreciate paying to attend generic courses that appear to address every aspect of VAT except the one relevant to our business and we expect that our clients are of the same view!

This means that we find our bespoke approach to VAT training to be the most beneficial one, because tailoring the experience gives you and your team confidence in the training, and it allows the session to be specifically aimed at your business.

For example we can deliver training on a wide range of VAT issues such as:

  • VAT and international supply chains
  • VAT accounting for a property transactions
  • What VAT issues and opportunities should be considered for your trade sector or business
  • VAT for charities and/or grant-funded organisations

Our course material is designed for the organisation we are training. We always ask for agreement that we have covered all relevant topics in advance of delivery of the training, after all we appreciate that paying for training is an investment and we want to make sure that this investment is maximised for our clients.

Who will deliver the raining?

We don’t use dry academic lecturers to deliver our training. Instead it is delivered by one of our seasoned VAT professionals who pride themselves on their practical commercial and technical VAT know how. In addition as all our team are ex HMRC we can explain both how VAT should work for your business and how HMRC will view a variety of real life VAT issues.

Our team has over 50 years collective VAT experience and understand how VAT works from both commercial and technical perspectives. Our vast experience means we can deliver easily understood sessions that include practical real-world examples of what VAT means for your business and clients.

Where is the training provided?

Training sessions are generally carried out at your premises. This means there are no expenses incurred by staff having to travel to an external venue, and as few working hours as possible are lost. We charge the same set fee irrespective of the number attending so that the course can be attended by as many members of your staff as you wish.

In addition, having all your team together at the session will stimulate their discussion on VAT matters, ensure the session remains relevant for your clients, and can count towards your continuing professional development (CPD) credits. Our training courses last approximately three hours, and we are always happy to spend additional time afterwards answering any questions.

As well as providing beneficial in-house training, we will soon be launching a series of online VAT training events for businesses that need specific training, but simply don’t have the time to attend one of our courses.

If you would like further details on our training courses and how they can benefit your company, get in touch with The VAT People today to discuss your requirements. Call us on 0800 077 4604 and ask to speak to our VAT training manager Tamara Habberley, or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.