VAT Planning

VAT Planning

One of the most important aspects of carrying out any kind of major business transaction is to consider the VAT to be paid, and what this means for the company.

HMRC Assessment reviews

We are often called upon when a client is faced with an HMRC Assessment. Such Assessment can involve Penalties or Surcharges and there are a number of ways in which we can help.

General business reviews

Is your business making the most of the VAT system? The VAT advice offered can include a VAT Business Review which will cover the issues that are specific to your business.

HMRC VAT Investigations

We are often called upon when a client is faced with an HMRC investigation for VAT fraud.

Transactional VAT Advice

You may well find that you need help with your day-to-day transactions.

Customs queries

In relation to businesses that import, there are a number of areas where our VAT advice can help. Click here for more information

VAT Training

Keeping your knowledge of VAT up to date can be difficult, especially when it’s only one of the many areas you deal with in your day to day life. The VAT People has the answer!

VAT Toolkit Plus

We are pleased to announce 'VAT Toolkit Plus' and our tailored review service for accountants.

Partial Exemption

Any business which receives 'exempt' income needs to consider a number of complex issues:

Hospices VAT Refund Scheme

The new refund mechanism will make hospices eligible to claim back VAT on skyrocketing costs that are often as high as one fifth of the costs incurred on most purchases.

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