Land and property development

With any property development VAT is a complex issue that needs to be dealt with correctly and efficiently.


We are heavily involved in helping numerous charity-specialist accountants with the host of complex issues that affect this sector.

International VAT

If you deal with overseas companies, you will be faced with a whole raft of additional VAT issues. Click here for more information

Non-profit businesses and VAT

Many of the not-for-profit businesses that require our help operate within the housing sector. They are registered social landlords or housing associations. Click here for more information:

General VAT Queries

If you have a VAT, customs or import duty issue, do not hesitate to contact The VAT People - one of the largest independent VAT consultancies in the UK. Click here for more information.

Import/Export (Customs)

We can provide proactive advice in determining the correct values for duty and VAT purposes, as well as assisting in the establishment of the most appropriate and beneficial commodity codes.

Land and Property Transfer of a Going Concern 1

We offer VAT Structuring so that a TOGC is applied and actual, and cash flow, savings are accrued. Read more...

Land and Property Transfer of a Going Concern 2

A trading company client of ours wanted to purchase its trading premises from its landlord.. Read more


VAT for opticians is particularly complex and needs to be carefully considered. But advice is available:


The VAT People offer specialist consultancy for accountants on behalf of their clients.

Housing Associations

At The VAT People, we understand how housing associations operate, and that such operations can provide VAT advice tailored for your project.

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