VAT Planning

It is extremely important to include consideration of VAT before any major business transaction.

Some recent examples of our interventions to assist with planning include: -

  • Reducing a private developer’s VAT costs to 5% on the contractor’s costs, in converting residential properties into flats.
  • A review of a company’s partial exemption accounting procedures identified that no annual adjustments had been undertaken, on re-calculation over £50k additional VAT was recovered.
  • A review of a company’s non-UK activities revealed a responsibility to register for VAT in another EU member state, but ensured full recovery of VAT of expenditure incurred there.
  • We ensured that an overseas property development company could recover almost £80,000 on VAT incurred in the UK.
  • We helped to remove the VAT charge and reduced the Stamp Duty cost on the purchase of a VAT opted commercial building containing an ongoing tenancy.

Before your business undertakes any major transaction simply contact us to talk through the potential consequences and opportunities.