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One of the most important aspects of carrying out any kind of major business transaction is to consider the VAT to be paid, and what this means for the company. Failure to take into consideration the VAT owed can leave businesses in tricky financial situations, or unable to complete a deal.

Our specialists can help you to understand and deal with all of your VAT obligations, on all kinds of deals. For further information about our services and how can help you process any transaction without a hitch, call us on 0800 077 4604 or contact us to find out more about our services.

Our expertise and experience

Some recent examples of our interventions to assist with VAT planning include: -

  • Reducing a private developer’s VAT costs to 5% on the contractor’s costs, in a business transaction involving turning residential properties into flats
  • A review of a company’s partial exemption accounting procedures identified that no annual adjustments had been undertaken, and on re-calculation we recovered over £50k in additional VAT
  • A review of a company’s non-UK activities revealed a responsibility to register for VAT in another EU member state, but ensured full recovery of VAT of expenditure incurred there
  • We ensured that an overseas property development company could recover almost £80,000 on VAT incurred in the UK
  • We helped to remove the VAT charge and reduced the Stamp Duty cost on the purchase of a VAT opted commercial building containing an ongoing tenancy.

Before your business undertakes any major transaction simply contact us to talk through the potential consequences and any opportunities there may be to make VAT savings.

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Latest Testimonials

  • "Tamara was my first port of call when I needed a VAT expert. She is extremely knowledgeable, dependable, thorough and efficient. I would recommend her personally to any business needing this kind of assistance."

    Sarah Sillars OBE, CEO at Institute of Advanced Motorists, IAM - April
  • "The VAT People have been used by Cosmo Leisure for many years. We have found them to be very thorough and professional in all that they do.
    They have looked after some very complicated tax issues for us, always meeting deadlines at short notice and pursuing successful claims."

    Keith Lee, Cosmo Leisure Group - April
  • "Tamara has advised a number of our clients on VAT-related matters and her advice has always been timely and relevant. She is also willing to discuss matters on an informal basis and could not be more helpful. I recommend her and her firm whole-heartedly."

    Adam Hymes, Commercial Property Partner at Kuit Steinart Levy LLP - April
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