HMRC Assessment reviews

We are often called upon when a client is faced with an HMRC Assessment. Such an assessment of VAT can involve penalties or surcharges, but there are a number of ways in which we can help.

We will need to consider whether the VAT assessment is justified and whether it has been made with HMRC having access to all the facts.

Even if all the facts are evident, we often find that HMRC are not applying the correct interpretation or not working within the prescribed time limits. We regularly represent clients in challenging incorrect or flawed assessments, including making appropriate representations to HMRC or, where necessary, making appeals to tribunals.

Whatever the facts at issue, we can provide you with the specialist advice and assistance that you will need. If we feel that there are reasonable grounds to defend the assessment we will rebut the assessment on the client’s behalf.

Over the years we have been able to reduce or remove the assessment in countless cases.

If your client is faced with a VAT Assessment – contact us. We always offer a free of charge discussion about each case and can help your client to understand the VAT Assessment procedure in more detail.

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Video: VAT Assessment reviews

If you have been given an assesment review from the HMRC the VAT people can help you investigate the the facts of the review.