Refunds of EU VAT for UK businesses

UK businesses that have incurred VAT in other EU Member States are able to recover that VAT, subject to certain conditions being met. UK VAT registered businesses are able to submit claims for EU VAT provided they are not registered, or liable to be registered in the EU Member State in which the VAT has been incurred, nor must they be established in the relevant EU country. Additionally, if any supplies of goods/services have been made in that Member State within the reclaim period (subject to exceptions), this VAT cannot be recovered.


The deadline for a refund claim covering VAT incurred in 2016 is 30th September 2017, however businesses are advised to submit their claims as soon as possible to avoid potential delays in authorising the refund.


If you or your client think you may be eligible to submit such a claim, please contact our free VAT helpline for advice and assistance in this, and any other, VAT matter.

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